Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ode to an idiot.

To the idiot driver you tried to run me off the road,
You are a fucking asshole. Im pissed that you came down the hill In my lane as I was driving up the hill to take my daughter to the bus-stop. Im even more pissed that because I had to come to a compleate stop to avoid driving into you I got to get a close look at you because you were so damned close to me on account'a you had to drive around me as you were IN MY LANE!! and I discovered you were on your cell phone. You are why I dont have a cell phone. People are stupid with their cell phones. They want to talk and drive, which no-one has mastered Im sorry its true, or they want to come real close to you and stare at you while they talk to someone else WTF?? like they want to include you somehow in their conversation or they really want to impress you with their I dont know ability to talk while holding a tiny amount of plastic. Anyway back to Mr ran me off the road. Here's the best part you dumbass, I really enjoyed glaring at you when you came back up the hill and realized what you had done and that I was now parked and standing on the corner with my tiny child. I could see from the way you covered your entire face with your left arm so that all eye contact was blocked and you could avoid my icy stare of death. This however also blocked your view of on comming traffic. To this I say, you really are a fucking idiot, please cease and desist driving emediatley. Thank you.