Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Oddly enough...a political post.

Well sort of, I feel the need to gossip about one of the leaders of our fair Astoria. In particular our Mayor, Mayor Van Dusen. Ever heard of Van Dusen beverages? One in the same. Anyway our Fair Mayor has for the third time in his 15 years (15 years? there should be a law) as Mayor gotten himself arrested for druck driving. Let it be known that Mayor Van Dusen employs (and personally hired) the man who arrested him...hmmm.
Now this man is claiming that after all this time, finally he needs help. He has checked himself into the bum bum baaaaaa Betty Ford Clinic. Heres a link to the Betty Ford website so's you could all see how much that clinic will cost him (or rather, me.) Now all I have to say about this, and make no mistake I would say it to his face if I could is this: Why when you can afford a lofty price tagged rehab center like Betty Ford could you NOT afford a FUCKING CAB RIDE HOME? You might haved saved yourself (again probably me) alot of money and possibly a life! What a wonderfull example our fair leaders are setting for our children. You can get away with anything as long as you have a policeman on your payroll and most important, in your pocket.