Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One down, one to go.

Okay, so this morning I took the oldest child to orientation, apparently parents happily send their children to school without this little ritual, which I can only imagine is very frustrating for the kids and the administration who have to deal with a rash of children who have know idea where to go or what to do. So I take them, even though I know they will probably get where they need to go even if they dont have a clue. I cant see the admin leaving all those children who didnt attend the orientation out in the hall. Anyway, the oldest has an awesome teacher, he's up-beat, kinda goofy and he had the whole room hanging on his every word. I like that, he even had me intrested. At 1pm I have the other one to take to orientation.
My point to all this is, its gonna be a good year. In my life time every year that I have turned an age where both numbers were the same its been a very good year (I.E. 11, 22 and now 33) Its gonna be a very good year. Something wonderfull always happens, at 11 my baby brother was born, at 22 my oldest child was born, this year I can't have kids so maybe just maybe it will be the birth of my new home. Im hoping. But, its starting to look up. I turn 33 this year, I get a reprieve from the job I hate. I get to go back to school (I hope) And who knows....maybe Ill win the lottery. Its gonna be a good year.