Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stinky Brats.

My children such stinky brats.
They complain and they whine and they cry for cats.
They mess up my house,
they break their toys,
they never EVER stop making noise.
They eat all the best stuff out of the fridge,
they'll turn my sweater into a bridge.
Then the next thing you know out of my dining room will sprout,
a chair and blanket sweater mess hide-out.
They're always dirty tracking mud on the floor,
why can't they ever stop slamming the door?
Their elbows are pointy and fit to jab,
they'll sit for hours and blabity blab blab.
They'll argue and bicker and fight fight all night,
all over who has to turn out the light.
they'll hit each other over the head with their books,
or sit just to close giving dirty stinky looks.
They'll stomp and they'll shout if they don't get their way,
I think I might pull my hair out today.
A mother's job is not always fun.
sometimes I wish I could lay in the sun
and not care at all where my children are at,
or what they are doing to the cat.
But alas that life is just not for me,
'Cause I'm a Mom it's the way it's too be,
for even though they are little stinky brats,
I love them with all of my heart and that's that.