Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh hell no people!

My man, my wonderful full of fun, wants US to all have fun with him for he SAYS that he doesn't have as much fun without us, this loving man o' mine wants us to go to the lake today, and b-b-q, and ride what my wonderful miss Melanie affectionately calls the W.M.D. water-bound machine of death. We have a jet ski, and while it is loads of summertime fun, yes even spring time fun if weather permits it is not I repeat NOT a winter time fun event. I just stepped outside to check the mail people and when I got back inside my first reaction was to want to turn up the heat, this is not the sign of someone who wants to go play at the lake and lets not go there with the play in the Lake. No, no, more like wrap up in a blanket on the sofa and watch t.v. or read a book. Of course my children would willingly go tromping into the cold wearing nothing but their bathing suits at the first hint of playing in water, no matter that its like 40 degrees outside, they don't care, they'd go, they'd even get in the lake, THEY WOULD! and they'd play till they were the purple color of corpses and even cry while their lips shivered so bad that their words would have trouble coming out that they didn't want to come out of the water! we don't care if we fr-fr-fr-freeez-z-ze t-t-to death m-m-mom-m-m-ma. So now I have to be the bad guy, 'cause when the Man comes home from working, raining and frickin' cold or not he's gonna want to go play and I will have to remind him of the weather outside and that our small child was running a fever all day yesterday and at risk of getting the stink eye for the rest of the day I'm gonna have to say nuh-uh, sorry, some other day maybe, weather permitting.