Monday, October 09, 2006

My cat, The dog.

So, I ran out of dog food yesterday so I got a small bag of dog food to tide over the pooch untill I get paid this week and can go to the feed store on the outskirts of town, Now my oldest cat is very tired of her kitten (now almost as big as she is) sniffing around her ass and has decided to come home only rarely. So to entice her to stay close to home I bought her some wet cat food. To be nice I devided the first can I opened (salmon flavor, Melanie you are no cat if you dont like salmon) between the two of them, Juliette practically growled with pleasure when I dumped it into her bowl. Tybalt, the wiley kitten took one look at the "not dog food" and looked up at me with this "WTF? is this shit" look and would not touch it. I had to run some errands so I left him to buck up figure it out and eat the damn expensive cat food I lavished upon him. I came home to him crying CRYING PEOPLE! over his food as if it were satan himself in the dish. Low and behold when I conceded and put dry dog food in the dish he devoured it with relish. The wet food is still in the dish untouched, he ate the dry food and left the wet. So be it. Dog food for you cat-dog.