Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm tagging myself.

Because my "Honor" is in question. (not really)

I am: A really good listener.

I want: To get away from from this job with my original hair color.

I have: No Idea what I have. A clear indication that spring cleaning is far overdue.

I wish: I had my own house, with its own yard where my bedroom is further away from my kids bedroom.

I hate: To imagine not ever having a place to call mine.

I miss: Little Bill.

I hear: My friends are going to Costa Rica next month and am very jealous that Im not going with them.

I wonder: Where I'll be in ten years.

I regret: Not buying that dress at country fair when I had the chance.

I am not: Ever, ever ever ever, going to another one of those fucking "camp outs" at a certain persons property that I will not name here.

I dance: Whenever or where-ever the music moves me.

I sing: As long as no one is listening except my kids 'cause their the only ears I dont offend with it.

I cry: Over sappy old movies, T.V. shows and sentimental commercials.

I am not always: As friendly as I act.

I make with my hands: This recipe of my great grandma's called butterscotch candy that my Man has lovingly named CRACK 'cause its that addictive.

I write: Very little and not very well.

I confuse: My children every single time they ask me what is for dinner.

I need: A BREAK!!! and the return of my sanity.

I start: Craft projects that I dont finish.

I finnish: This meme that no-one acctually tagged me for.

and there you have it.