Monday, October 02, 2006


So, here it is closer to the end of my employment and I thought everything would be falling into place. I went out saturday night with my girlfriend Marie. Aparently the universe has determined that I am not allowed to have fun. As I was pulling my truck up to my house, two parking spaces away from mine and the truck died. I mean D-I-E-D all power gone, power stearing gone, all dead. Its like doom has once again started towards me with his outstreched boney finger and is preparing to tap me (once again) on the shoulder. Folks, I have had my fair share of this. I thought it was all over, that I had moved past that place in my life where things are so unstable that it could all come crashing down in an instant. I was wrong. At least now Im old enough to see the signs of it early enough to steal myself from it. This all comes at a most inoppertune time. I have a wedding to go to that Im prbably gonna have to bag out of now, which means also, no birthday for Evil, and I thought this was gonna be my lucky birthday starting my lucky year. seems not so, and now I just got a message from blogger saying its having trouble and this post may not even publish. Im gonna go cry.