Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Universe has randomly selected you for punishment...

So, just when I thought my life was on a giant upswing, the other shoe dropped and the bottom fell out.

My man lost his job 'cause his company are giant ass hats with no integrity. My job is in trouble as the economy is so bad and getting worse no one seems to want to buy cars, huh go figure.

Seriously, just today their talking about making me part-time if things don't pick up like NOW, if that happens I can't pay rent as I'm the only source of income currently.

Other things that I'll not discuss here have only made the stress levels skyrocket out of control and leave me shaking my head and gasping for air.

It's a wonder I'm still keeping it together.

With all this I still go to work everyday with a smile on my face, knowing that any day they may cut my pay in half or let me go all together.

Everyday I send my kids off to school as if the loom of doom in not upon us so as not to make them worry. What else can a Mother do but survive?