Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I hate the blogosphere.........and shit.

So, really really really don't have much to say lately.

I no longer have all day to sit around a think about what I'm gonna say on the Internets....now I spend the day deciding which bill gets paid when.

So my mind is a little on the dazed side at the end of the day these days know what I mean?

I just went to Fred Meyer (the horror) and I feel like it was a dream, I wandered around the store in a trance like state barely able to remember why I was there.

I've gone back to my horrible eating patterns that seem to creep up when I'm working full time and preoccupied with something. I think I've eaten once today...hence the trance like state.

Lucky for me I can still make my way around Fred's without pissing anyone off...unlike the employee's or the other customers who appear much more with it than me BUT HEY! maybe they do it on purpose that's my theory.

And there's the bell....see this is all the time I get on the computer....in three days.

see ya...sometime.