Friday, July 18, 2008

Death.....of a cell phone.

It's official, I killed it. It's dead.

My first cell phone too! And I'm always so careful with it. Because all along I've been fearing this very thing would happen, that the Man would leave it in his pants pocket, I would miss it and wash the damn thing.

Voila! I have done it. The Great and Terrible Evil Queen has sentenced her phone to death by spin cycle.

Thank the Gods I have insurance, wink. I kinda thought when I bought the phone...hmmm, one Man, two little girls, one dog, one cat....maybe I should get the insurance, you know...just in case.

Turns out it was me. ME! who was the one to worry about all along.

The good news is I get my new phone on Monday, the bad news is I have now lost every phone number that I had. I only have a few memorized and then only the numbers I already had memorized before I acquired the cell, sigh.

I knew things were running to smooth, something always goes sour when that happens.

*Oh, and since it's Friday and I'm supposed to Nature blog....go here for your fix.*