Saturday, May 03, 2008


Well it's Saturday Man is at work, my children were picked up by their Grandmother last night and taken far away, I just don't know what to do with myself.

I could sleep. oooo, sleep...sleep is good. My old friend sleep how you have abandoned me in recent years, how like a jilted jealous lover you have left me for some other who will appreciate you like I have been unable to.

Some lucky little 20 something who doesn't really need you because they don't have offspring and can run on hangover fumes after days and days of thwarting your every effort to sway their young souls to your slumber land, undeserving little wretches.

Oh how I miss you sweet sleep. I meant not to offend thee with my inability to lie with you at will, with my wakeful nature that keeps me from your sweet embrace, oh evil bladder that wakes me and pulls me from your arms when I have finally succumb to your honey potion.

How fondly I think of the soft, soft pillow that is the top of my bed...and the dark dark curtains I have hung in honor of the ever approaching summer with it's ever earlier day break that seems to come only minutes after we meet again.

Well sleep, now...I have no other engagements. I have all day so...please...don't leave me now.

Good day all; to bed I go. I have a date with an old friend and his name is Dream.