Thursday, January 25, 2007


Will you look at that, I finally got my computer back. At this rate Ill have a new skill to add to my resume, computer builder. I'm gettin' good, the man and I managed to put it together this time in under an hour and with little help from the mother board manual. Anyway, my update is: I'm still unemployed and am jumping through hoops to stay that way till I can go to school. Its a slow and frustrating process of proving to the state why they should spend their (i.e. my) money on me. The money's there already now I just have to make them see why they should use it to further my education instead of some other schmo. Other than that nothing. Or as much nothing as I can pull off. It frickin' cold outside people. Okay, thats all you get right now, I have 55 e-mails to sort through and half of them want me to pay attention to my my-space account. Phew.
see ya soon.