Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Holy bad computer mojo batman.

Recently I discovered that there is a goddess called Palikula, she is the goddess of all things cinematic. So if thats so then there must be a goddess of all things computer technical. I need to know who she is. See I believe that I have angered her because I haven't been worshiping her properly. In the last 6 weeks Ive had two major malfunctions and low this $240 later I'm back on-line again. This time it was the video card, Damn the Purge for this I say. I do think that if my man were not such a damn on-line game geek that I wouldn't be having all this trouble. It was the video card that blew up the mother board in the 1st place. However I have to wonder why the damn board could not support one year of high graphics gaming. Because if it couldn't it would stand to reason that ASUS would not warranty their mother boards for that kind of abuse. So I say, WTF?? hmmmm. Ive now replaced the damn video card with the top of the line (I'm told, but what do I know huh?) which incidentally is more costly than a damn hard drive or operating system. Doesn't make much sense to me. So hopefully Ill be back tomorrow with another post. However I am going to go ahead and post my disclaimer now. If I should not return by tomorrow, It inevitably means that I have yet another problem and let it be known now, I have officially spent every dime I have and maxed out both credit cards so that my family might have a nice Christmas and part of that money went to the computer which is to be my husbands only Christmas present this year and if the damn thing blows again you wont be hearing from me until after tax time. So if anyone knows the name of the computer goddess please drop her name in the comments so I might sacrifice something to her in order to make up for my lack of proper homage.