Tuesday, January 30, 2007

If it wasnt so cold Id be playing outside.

I just took my girl up the hill to the bus stop people and the view from up there is absolutely fantastical today. The sky is all pink and dusty blue, the Columbia river looks calm and its a hazy shade of slate blue today. There's this flock of birds that flies from the river's edge to the top of the hill in Astoria, there must be a thousand or more birds in this flock and they fly right over our heads, its incredible. However the downside to all this beauty in Astoria this time of year is that without the clouds the temperature drops like 10 degrees and its starts to freeze your ears off. It looks like its gonna be a bright shiny summer day until you see the frost on the ground, so thick that its almost ice. It would be a beautiful day for the beach if your willing to risk frost bite. I hope where ever you are thats its as nice outside for you as it is here for me.