Tuesday, November 21, 2006

uhhhhhh, ya.

So, Ive had a little blockage goin' on here for a little while, Ive had my computer back for about 5 days now and while the man type person has been monopolizing all of the computer time I haven't been to inclined to bitch about it. I'm super dull these days and my thoughts roam from "I cant remember that last time I washed this" too "Oh my god what is that?" too "which room do I disassemble, disinfect and reassemble today" wanna hear what I found under my kids beds? I think not, yeah a real journalistic genius here folks. BUT at least I have a computer with which to bore you all with when I do have something mundane and droll to say and it only cost me $55 some postage and some patience . P.S. Kris, I am ever so sorry I haven't logged on to My space, I'm still completely illiterate with it and its all I can do to check my e-mail these days. Seems now that I'm not working I'm busier than when I was. But eventually here maybe after Thanksgiving (my parents are coming) I'll get the house completely clean then I can think about school. There Melanie, I posted. However its a yawner. Maybe I'll post tomorrow between the pumpkin pie cooking and the deviled egg recipe I plan to create. Since my father is the reigning deviled egg king and master I have to try to master the art myself. Someone has to carry on the family legacy.