Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ever have one of those days?

Or weeks rather, when your completley irratated? people irratate me. Everywhere I go theres some rude asshole waiting to irrate me. Yesterday at work I had a lady call me about her furniture delivery, now this women is getting an exchange for her merchandise so she is fully aware that her delivery will be sometime between 12 noon and 6pm. Our warehouse calls these people and gives them a 4 hour window for there delivery (legally we have to) now Im at work on one of the most beutifull days this summer and Im working ALONE, when she calls to bitch (real loud) "you mean I am expected to be held captive in my house all day waiting for YOU PEOPLE! my children want to go to the RIVER! I felt like saying "you know, your welcome to free up your day by bringing your lazy ass down here and picking this shit up yourself, then you dont have to wait for US PEOPLE to bring you your shit. But I cant say that. I dont know about you all but when I have a delivery, when I pay for something that I want and PAY for it to be delivered I will wait, Ill wait all day, HELL the cable guy gives you a window OF all day, "between 8 and 5 ma'am, thats the best I can tell you." What is with people? do they think its okay to treat people this way? never in my life have I called a business up and been that rude to them. Then she went on to say, "I want you to get ahold of your men and narrow that window down, I have a life you know!" Now, Ive been irrated for more than a week at this point, what I want to say is "BITCH if your life is so important why did you agree to be at home for your fucking delivery that youve been harrassing me for a week over?" why did you call me everyday to yell at me that your merchandise was taking a WHOLE WEEK to arrive? Let me tell you something lady, I have people who have been waiting for there furniture to arrive from FUCKING CHINA for months and you want to bitch about a week? WTF? If shopping is so damn frustrating and enprisoned like for you then why dont you find another hobby, hmmm? Normal people are so happy that there new furnishings are to arrive that day that they'll happily stay home to wait. And those who dont want to wait all day? they PICK IT UP!!! 'cause really the price of renting a u-haul to pick up your shit is cheaper than the wopping $75 it takes for delivery. The only problen with that? They have to haul their OWN shit into there house. You know some people are just unhappy all the time and its these people who make it a point to spread their misery to others, 'cause you know it loves the company. I just have one thing to say....THANKS!, thanks a whole fuckin' bunch. You suck!