Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I fucking can't catch a break people.

I do good deeds for people all weekend long and what does it get me? I'll tell ya.

Saturday I helped my friend and her beau move him out of his 4th floor apartment and her out of her 2nd floor apartment (can you picture the stairs?) then on Sunday we went to my Man's auntie's place to help her and her elderly husband cut down some trees that needed to be felled.

And what do I get for all this selflessness? something I'm told I have trouble with anyway?

We got home Sunday afternoon only to discover that some punk ass mo-fo kid with no parental discipline who should be in school but isn't because he gets into to many fights has stolen my little girls bicycle.

She hasn't even had it for a whole year y'all and I cannot afford to replace it. So, Merry fucking Christmas kid, Santa took back your wheels and gave it to a demon.

I want to cry, I hate this place.

I have seriously had the worst two and a half months of my entire life. Now all I can think is "Holy Hell! What's next?"

And! I'm about to shut this blog down for good 'cause if all I have to say is poor me, why me and what the fuck then it's not worth it. I refuse to do nothing but make people sad, I'd rather just keep that to myself.

I'm sure you'd all be happier for it.