Saturday, May 05, 2007

So, it comes to this...

I have to drive clear to Portland to use a computer, check my e-mail and do my blogging. AND then when I finally get to a computer that works I find I have writers block ( or what ever they call it when you suck at writing) and can't think of anything to say. honor of my dearest and oldest (really ) friend in the whole entire universe I dedicate this post to miss Melanie in Oregon as it is her 33rd birthday and the 19th year that I've known her. So I'll tell you about the first time I saw the girl.
I was sitting in my freshman english class feeling really self conscietous as I had spent the first week of school in disneyland and absolutley noone knew who the hell I was. This however was not to deture me as I was not going to spend the year feeling like that, when in walks this girl, jeans and a jacket that matched, and blond hair hanging just so as to hide anything that might be underneath it. She sat down next to me with hair still hanging, I leaned down so I could catch her eye and said HI!! I'm Denise, whats your name? here we are 19 years later with so much history in between we could write a book, make you laugh, cry, gasp, sigh, love, despair, hope and so much more.
Happy Birthday Miss Melanie, I love you.