Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Okay, what was Pavlov's dog's name?

'Cause it should be mine.

Do you remember the mash potatoes and gravy that they served at your grade school? Well, I remember mine, it was instant mash taters and this clear to yellow gravy with little chunks of hamburger. Every time they would serve this dish it would waft down to my classroom inevitably about 30 minutes before lunch. The smell would turn on the rumble in my tummy rendering my brain incapable of doing anything but keep my mouth from drooling. Okay these classes I've been taking? same damn thing. I'm not sure its the above dish that I smell but it's something that at least smells just like it. Somebody eats that at least 3 times a week and always the smell hits me about 30 minutes before its time for lunch and my stomach starts to talk too loud and my brain just shuts right off. Makes me wants to drive down to the nearest grade school, walk into the cafeteria and demand my instant mashers w/hamburger gravy. However, all of this makes for one great thing, that I can now smell food again means that I'll soon be over this sickness I'm afflicted with right now. YEAH FOR SMELL!!!!!